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How to construct a basic Door

A tutorial for GZDoom

A DOOM level without doors is almost unthinkable, they are such an integral part of gameplay. Many times someone asks in the forum, either the ZDoom forum or the Doomworld forum, how a door is constructed.

In it's simplest form, one does not need to know anything about the door building intricasies. Building a door with any of the Doombuilder family of editors (DB2, DBX, GZDB, GZDBBF, UDB) the process is extremely simple, because a door construction routine is included in any of them. Just highlight the sector and press Shift+D.

So, let's see how this works:
First we need to build a map with 2 or several rooms, interconnected by a hallway (long or short).
Pro tip: recess the door.

Then the sector in the middle will be assigned to be the door. All that needs to be done next is to highlight the assigned sector and press Shift+D:

All linedefs are set properly automatically and the action special to open the door is applied. Now, go ahead and try this out in your map.

The technical stuff of what happened, other than setting the linedef and sector textures:

  1. the ceiling height was set to the same height as the floor
  2. the outside linedefs of the door were set to lower unpegged
  3. the door face linedefs were flipped to point out, when they pointed in
  4. the door face linedefs were set to upper unpegged
  5. textures were applied to the door
  6. a linedef special to open the door was attached
  7. the trigger was set to When Player presses use and Repeatable

Besides applying a Door_Open special to the door linedef there are other ways to cause a door to be opened:

Using a script one could even enable a door to open by having to press two or more switches.

Have fun creating your own maps.

Kappes Buur
31 May 2019