A Tutorial for GZDoom

BagHeadSpidey's DOOMCRAP 0.1.4


Step 1 : Create the font image from a TTF font

BHS's FontGenerator can be found on two different websites. One from http://doomfontgen.sourceforge.net/ and the other from http://baghead.drdteam.org/tools.xml.

They are both the same version

version (6K)

After downloading Doomcrap and unzipping into an appropriately named folder, the following files are installed:

files (4K)

Then, doubleclicking on font generator.bat opens the font generator to this, after selecting Big Font in Mode and choosing Liquidism as the font :

Select the font you like best and make all adjustments.
Selecting a colour does not seem to work, but the brightness slider works. Tbe colour can be set later in the script.

then save the image with "Save image as ..." as name.pcx or name.png.
You must type the extension.

which writes to the selected folder.

Step 2 : Create the font lump from the font image

Open Tools

and select Create lump from image which opens this dialog

It may happen that he Source image preview will not show up. In that case, resize the info window and the font preview will show itself.

then point to the "Source image" file and then enter a name for the "Output lump".

Again, you must type the extension.

Then click on Create Lump.

All that is left to do is to insert the font into your map.

My script:

#include "zcommon.acs"
// =============================================  2  =====

script 2 (void)

    SetFont (const:"LIQ");
    SetHudSize(960, 600, 0);
                HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, 4, 480.0, 300.0, 25.0);
    HudMessage(s:"Only the RED key will open the gate";
                HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, 4, 480.0, 250.0, 25.0);

// ===========================================  END ========

Ah well, only capital letters.

Something to read :

Have fun creating your maps.

Kappes Buur
Oct. 27, 2014