Z-offsetting a Voxel with Slab6

This is in response to my question on the ZDoom Forum and in addition to the tutorial for creating voxels with Slab6, by amv2k9.

Thanks to DooMAD's zdoom_vox.zip, there are a number of voxels, in place of sprites, ready for use in one's map.

However, voxels for keys and some other artifacts are hugging, and rotating on, the ground, which can look rather odd in some instances. Unfortunately, G/ZDoom has no provision to offset a voxel, so that must be done with a voxel editor such as Ken Silverman's Slab6.

Since slab6.exe is a program from before 32/64 bit operating systems were a thing, compatibility must be set in file Properties and Compatibility:

compat-win7 (32K) compat-win10 (21K)
Windows 7 Windows 10

Now, when I open Slab6, my monitor screen displays this:

Next, press L to select a voxel, for instance YKEYA.kvx, which is to be offset:

After the selected voxel is displayed on-screen, I selected:

In the next display, place the cursor into the bottom left box (x) and notice the coordinates on the top left:

While the cursor is in the bottom left box, press the down arrow key to raise the voxel to a new z-offset (30.00/16).

And save the voxel.

Of course, since there are two frames for the keys, both frames, A and B, need to be edited to have the same z-offset.

Kappes Buur
7 April 2014